Do I Want To Leave University? My University Story

University. It could be the biggest decision of your life and for most, it could be the very best. It's the first time in your life where you move away from your parents and everything you know. It's where you teach yourself to become an adult, learning to fend for yourself and the consequences of not doing so. It's where you get so overly drunk and go into a lecture the next day to be given even more alcohol. University can be a whale of a time. However this isn't the case for everyone, it most certainly wasn't for me.

Freshers with my house mates and neighbours
After having two minds on going, I packed my things and made my way to another county along with many other scared yet excited soon to be university students. The first week wasn't too bad, although I'm pretty sure I cried myself to sleep every night after coming home with a KFC, I just thought I was home sick. However, week after week of university and classes this feeling never seemed to deteriorate, It seemed to get worse. I started going home every other weekend, which then turned into every weekend and then when a problem involving mold kicked me out of my room I moved back home and commuted to university.

I wouldn't say it was hard commuting as I only lived an hour away, the thing that started to bug me was I'd take the hour train to get there to find out I only had to be in for 1-3 hours a day to go home again. This happened everyday I went in and this only happened around 3 days a week. One week I went in to only have 5 hours of lessons. How doesn't that accumulate to working out as £9,000 a year?

When I started university I had an idea that I wanted to create my own company filming weddings and events and I believe because I had hardly any lessons this helped me pursue my idea. This was the main reason I left university.

I had been thinking about leaving university from about 1 month in to it yet tried to stick at it for my parents, tutors and everyone who told me I would do so well. I will tell you know, if this is the only reason you don't want to leave university then you need to really think about your decisions. You shouldn't stay at university just because you think you will let someone else down. It doesn't matter why you want to leave university, if you don't believe it's right for you then it most likely won't be.

A degree; A piece of paper that doesn't mean everything
I had doubts even before going to university and now looking back at it perhaps I should have gone with my gut instinct. However, if I didn't go then I may not have got into filming weddings and events, which is something I'm really excited about.

I stayed at university for a whole term, meaning I will have to pay back 25% of a years tuition when I earn enough, however I believe it was worth it. I may not have a piece of paper that says I have a degree but I got from university the real thing it should be about. The idea of what career you want and a foot in that direction.

If you are seriously doubting going to university then please sit down and really think about it. University isn't everything. And if you do go to university and don't like it after a month then sure as hell drop out if you want to! It is nothing to be ashamed of in fact, my proudest moment of my life so far is leaving university as it gave me the power to be in control of my own life.

If you have any questions on leaving university then let me know, I would love to be able to help :)

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  1. Love this post, I've been having a similar situation recently which has ended up in me changing course! Really helpful post and your blog is lovely x

    Frankee x