Birthday Haul

A couple of days ago now I turned 20. I was not the happiest for turning twenty as it means I'm no longer a teenager and am slowly making my way to 40, yes I still have a whole twenty years to go till I hit that milestone but still, it's sad times. I don't really tend to celebrate my birthdays too much anymore and with it being a Monday, meaning everyone was either at work, school or uni, this birthday was no different. So I spent the day watching my niece, who is growing up way too quickly for my liking, popping into town to buy presents for my little sisters birthday, and then having a nice dinner with my grandparents, boyfriend and little sister. In all it was actually a very nice quiet day.
I also booked the whole week off from work, a bit over the top I know, but I fancied a break and therefore will be spending the next couple of days with friends and family to celebrate my birthday and just 'chill'.

So, you may or may not want to see what I got for my birthday, well I am going to show you anyway as I myself enjoy seeing/reading about what people get for birthdays/buy and therefore want to share my own.

Firstly my little sister got me some pug stationary which I think is absolutely adorable. Both her and I have a slight obsession with pugs so these were just the perfect little gift!

I am a sucker for anything that smells nice, candles, in-cents, bath products, absolutely anything and everything and therefore I was over the moon when I got these next couple of gifts.

This reed diffuser looks lovely and smells lovely too, vanilla is a scent you can never go wrong with. Now Yankee Candles are my all time favourite and so is the colour yellow so I love this Vanilla Cupcake candle. I am not a big fan of cakes except from chocolate and therefore usually don't have a birthday cake, therefore my boyfriend got me this candle instead of an actual cake which is so cute!

Next I got just a couple of products from lush. I got two bath bombs, Honey Bee and Fluffy egg which both smell so amazing. I also got a bubble bar called The Comforter,which also smells amazing and is such pretty colours! Now the last gift I got from lush was a shampoo bar. I am unsure of the name of it but it is one of the nicest smelling things ever! I am not the greatest at describing smells but this bar to me smells like honey, mixed with a milky, vanilla smell. What ever the smell is supposed to be, it is just amazing and leaves my hair smell just as great! The tin you can get to keep it in is so cute and convenient too!

I am not the biggest fan of hot drinks, I'll drink them now and again but usually prefer a cold drink, however, instead of drinking out of a glass like a normal person I always like drinking out of a mug. I don't really know why but it's just a habit I got into and so when I opened this mug I thought it was just lovely. I love all things blue and white and seaside-y and this mug will go perfectly with all my others!

These lights are just amazing and are something that I was actually going to buy myself. I just need to find a place to put them now as I already have so many! The key ring I find amazing, it looks like a real phone, lets just hope I don't break the glass on that one as well!

I have a very bad sweet tooth, I work in a sweet and ice cream shop so what would you expect? Maltesers and Lindt chocolate are two of my all time favourite and it's always nice to try some american candy. The red vines are delicious and I haven't tried the Kool-Aid yet but I'm very excited too!

That's pretty much everything I got for my birthday, I mostly got money which will hopefully be going on getting a new laptop and getting the sims 4, the new get to work expansion pack looks amazing!!!

Do you like the sims 4? Also, what laptop should I get, Mac or Pc?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy birthday! The lights and mug look so cute :)

    Sarah |

    1. Thank you! and yes they are amazing, thanks for reading!

  2. Trust me, life gets a lot better once you're not a teenager anymore! Happy belated birthday!


    1. Thank you, and I'm really hoping so, haha!