How to deal with being fired | Unfair dismissal

Usually when you hear about someone being fired you expect them to have done something extremely wrong. stealing or lying? You're fired. Sexually harassing someone? You're fired. Being drunk at work? You're fired. All these reasons seem fair enough to be dismissed over don't you think? But sometimes employers can be cruel and fire employees for unfair reasons and in rare occasions, for no reason at all. This is exactly what happened to me. 

I'd been working for a company for around three years and had been completely loyal, always showing up for work, going above and beyond within my job and most of all never complaining. That was until I realised they had started taking full advantage of me. They would make me work as many hours a day, as many days a week, I felt like I couldn't take a holiday or day off in fear of disappointing them and then not getting any hours and worst of all I was always told I would be getting a promotion to make me work harder and then never actually getting it. 

Once I realised they were taking full advantage of me I decided to stand up for myself and not take it anymore. My boss at first agreed with me and gave me a promotion. But soon enough my boss got too comfortable and started taking advantage of me again. With this, and the fact they had underpaid me for a month and didn't care about it, I decided to find a new job. This is something my boss didn't like at all and decided to start avoiding me, not giving me a reference and actually demoting me without even telling me. 

Once she did eventually tell me she had demoted me (days after actually doing so) she expected me to carry on doing the exact same job AND actually train somebody else up to take my place?!? I was not happy with this and neither was anybody else I told and so I decided to fully stand up for myself and say that I couldn't train somebody up after being treated this way. This is the exact point my boss told me to 'get out', giving me no reason for being dismissed and actually treating me as if I was shit on the bottom of her shoe. 

Now I wanted to share my story with others (without going into too much detail) just so I could really write down what actually happened to try and get it off my mind. I really do not agree with how my boss handled this situation and neither does every single person I've told this to, a lot of people were very angry and had some very nasty words to say about my boss!

I think this situation is horrible and hope nobody else has to go through this. I was lucky enough to have another job to move on to (it sort of came as a blessing in disguise and ever since I have left there I feel so much happier and get so much time to do things and see people I want) but after all the hard work and dedication I put into that company it actually makes me feel physically sick that somebody could be so careless and selfish for their own needs to do something like this to their employees. I mean, where is their respect? If they don't have respect for their employees then they certainly won't get respect back.

Anyway, I know this is a bit of a different post to all my others but I just wanted to share this and maybe even write some more posts about this topic and how to deal with it if anyone is interested? 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely weekend, I know I sure will not having to work for a change, yay! 

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  1. I think you're better off without that person! You'll find another job soon!