May Favourites

Morning everyone, hope you all have had a lovely week, I've had a week of trying to find apprenticeships and work experience within film but it seems very hard to find a place. But none the less, I'm sure I''ll find something soon enough. Moving on to the subject of today's post, my May favourites. May seemed to fly by, this whole year has been going so quickly so far I can't believe it is already summer! Soon enough we will all be sitting around a decorated table waiting for someone to bring in a turkey to start our christmas dinner. Ok, maybe not just yet but it does feel like it's not too far away!

My first favourite of the month is none other than lush's Comforter. The comforter is a bubble bar that you crumble under running water, leaving the bath a lovely pinky/purple colour and smelling like a sweet berry. I know this is a well loved lush product but only first tried it out last month. I got it as a birthday present and couldn't believe I hadn't tried it before. I have now repurchased it again as it creates such a soothing bath.

My next favourite is Barry M's Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit. Now I will admit I am not the greatest at makeup, I'm no beauty guru, but I wanted to try this out as I had heard it was a good product for it's price. I think it's a great contour kit to start out on and I usually use it to just add a bit more colour to my face. 

I had been looking for a nice skin exfoliator for a while when I came across L'Oreal's Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator. This product promised it would make skin smoother whilst making it brighter without having the tight skin feeling. Firstly, I was a bit skeptical but after using this product a couple of times I fell in love with the outcome. My skin felt so much smoother, even in my dry areas and looked tones better too!

I am the biggest fan of Benefit's Roller Lash so when I heard there was a cheaper alternative I couldn't wait to try it and see if it was any good. I was pleasantly surprised with Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara. It has the same time of wand as Roller Lash but is a bit thicker and leaves your lashes looking thicker too. The only problem with this mascara is that it gets a little bit clumpy but other than that it is a great alternative. 

I have become the biggest fan of bright lipsticks at the moment and Maybelline's Colour Sensation Vivid in Electric Orange is one of my favourites. I had always wanted to try an orange coloured lipstick but never got round to it, however, I'm so glad I eventually did because this one is such a lovely shade. 

Now my last favourite is a pair of tan heeled sandals from New Look that I can't seem to find on the website. I bought these for a night out, as I'm not great in heels I wanted to go with something that would be comfortable and these definitely were. I really liked these as well as they are very summery and I think they would look great even with a day time outfit.

That is all my favourites of the month, hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it and I'll be back within another post very soon. 
Thanks for reading

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  1. I dont find that the mascara gets clumpy at all with me, but isnt it amazing?

    Loving those New look sandals :D

    Pam Scalfi♥