Netflix vs Amazon Prime

I am a massive fan of Netflix, I have been since I first trialed it to watch Breaking Bad and Orange is The New Black. But since those days I have come across many other ways to watch films and television series. Amazon Prime is one that I have been trialing recently and I thought I would compare it to Netflix to show you if it's worth buying or not.



  • You can pay monthly or you can pay in full such as if you wanted to give it to someone as a gift
  • It has a nice layout, where you can find recommendations that would be suitable to you quickly 
  • It's very easy to navigate, you can find what you are looking for with the help of a nice simple search bar
  • You can get the English or American version, and therefore can get even more programmes and films than before


  • It will sign itself out, therefore you have to sign back in each time you turn your console off
  • You can only have two consoles using the Netflix account at one time unless you upgrade your account


Amazon Prime

  • You get a lot of new films on it, the list of programmes is much different to Netflix
  • You can buy other films or series from Amazon through Amazon Prime
  • It keeps you signed in so you don't have to keep logging back in
  • You can have more than one person on it at a time without paying more

  • The navigation is very hard to get used to
  • I don't enjoy the layout as it's very dark 
  • As you can buy films and series through Amazon Prime it can get confusing whether they are free as part of your subscription or not
  • You pay for it all in one go, and if you have a free trial they don't tell you when it ends so you need to keep an eye on it or you'll be £70's down

Overall I personally think Netflix wins hands down with it's vast choice of programmes and films, easy navigation and great layout. However, I believe Amazon Prime isn't as bad as I first thought and I will still enjoy watching films and programmes on it, even if I can't really work out how to navigate it.

Do you have Netflix or Amazon Prime? Do you enjoy it? 
Thanks for reading

P.s all photos within this post are not mine

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  1. I have both! I use Amazon Prime mostly for the 2 day shipping, but the programs were a nice bonus. I totally agree with you, I HATE Amazon Prime's navigation. It's awful. But I love that the have Comedy Central and MTV shows. I've spent a lot of time watching Broad City and Daria...


  2. I agree! What is up with it being so dark? I have bad vision people! I love Netflix, so I choose that over Amazon Prime any time :)

    Pam Scalfi♥