6 impossible things about the John Lewis Advert 2015

If you live in the UK then I am sure you are aware of John Lewis very popular Christmas adverts. If you are not from the UK (or have just been living under a rock each Christmas time) then I'll give you  a quick run down. The John Lewis adverts consist of a storyline about caring for your loved ones mixed with a slowed down version of big songs and some interesting and beautiful visuals.

This years advert is called Man on the moon and, funny enough, revolves around a man who is all by himself on the moon. Luckily a little girl sees him through her telescope and ends up sending him a Christmas present, how cute! It's a very lovely Christmas ad yet all the way through I couldn't help but be thinking, this just couldn't happen? And with that I have wrote a classic bah humbug list below as to why this just couldn't happen.

1. The man is living on the moon...with NO space suit or helmet? Now maybe I've been taught wrong all my life but I thought you couldn't breathe in space? Surely he'd be dead? Unless he's some sort of alien...

2. The little girls telescope can magically zoom right into the moon...in perfect focus?!? Surely telescopes can't work this well? And if they did I'm sure they'd be pretty dang expensive.

3. How is this man living on the moon with just a little hut and a bench? Where's his food resources?!?

4. She sends him a present, on balloons. I'm pretty sure this just couldn't happen...but then again, they did move a house with balloons, right?

5. She sent him a telescope, another magical one that can zoom right into her bedroom window! 

6. They didn't get any help? This mans living on his own on the moon, surely she should have sent for help not just sent him a telescope to prove even further he's alone?!?

Now all jokes aside, I'm really fond of this advert and all these things don't matter because it's the magic of Christmas that makes it work. To me I actually thought the man on the moon was her Granddad who had passed away and this was her imaginative way of thinking about him at Christmas but each person has their own interpretation.

What do you think of the advert? 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I was wondering if you were being serious with this list and had a head full of counter arguments planned out, and then I saw the word "joke." You got me there, Jessie, haha! I think the ad is gorgeous and it fills me up with warm fuzzy feelings. I can't wait for Christmas!

    May | THE MAYDEN