January Favourites 2016

January favourites already, that is crazy! I can't quite believe a whole month, and a third of the next one, has already passed from this year. It's flying by! Although, that could be because I've had so much going on, and possibly some exciting things coming up so I'm not complaining too much. Anyway, lets get down to the favourites.

If you haven't already seen, I posted a video of my January favourites last week, which was actually my first beauty related Youtube video so please let me know what you think of it! My video shows you my favourites but doesn't go into too much detail so here I will give you a bit more info on all the products!

The Body Shop - Rainforest Volume Shampoo & Conditioner - £5 each

Rainforest Volume shampoo and conditioner have recently become my go to hair washing products. That don't contain any colourants or parabens but the real reason I first bought these products was the fact they don't contain silicones. I'm no expert but I'd heard for some time that silicones were very bad for your hair (although now I've come to find out there is bad and good points to them) so I decided I wanted to try some products that don't contain it. Products containing silicones usually make your hair look more silky which on my hair hardly ever works so trying out a shampoo without this substance in it didn't seem like a big deal. Silicones usually make the shampoo froth up and therefore this shampoo doesn't do this, unless you rub it in your hands with water but it's still not as frothy as a normal shampoo. However, if you can get past that this is a beautiful shampoo and conditioner that smell really nice but not too strong so it smells more natural. Overall, I'm really impressed with these products and will be using them for a long time. 

Yankee Candle - Clean Cotton Scent - £ --

I'm sure you've all heard of this candle scent before or if not you would have most likely at least heard of the brand. I've been a big fan of Yankee Candles for years now and can't fault them. This particular fragrance has always been a favourite of mine and therefore when I got a large version of it as a christmas present it was obvious I'd fall in love with it and burn it most days. If you love natural, clean smells, or the smell of clean clothing you will definitely love this candle! It also burns for ages so trust me, it's well worth it!

Too Faced - Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar - £39

This eye shadow palette is my go to at the moment. The colours are beautiful, I really enjoy natural colours and this palette is perfect for that. The smell of these eye shadows is amazing, they do smell like chocolate, although I could see this being a problem if you don't like chocolate or are not feeling well. I will admit I first wanted the original chocolate bar but when we went in to get it (my boyfriend actually got it) the normal chocolate one wasn't in stock and I stupidly thought this one was it. Now I am so glad I got this one instead of the original because the colours in this are unbelievable and so pretty! Although I am also thinking of splurging on the other palette but might wait until my birthday for that one!

Marc Jacobs - Daisy, Eau So Fresh - £--

It is no surprise that I'm telling you how amazing this perfume is. I am a big fan of the daisy range, especially Daisy Dream, but I think this perfume actually know tops it. The Daisy perfumes always smell very fresh (most of these favourites smell very fresh don't they?!?) and this perfume is no exception. This perfume is definitely a sweet, fresh fragrance, again very natural smelling. I have had many compliments when wearing this perfume so it's a crowd pleaser as well. The bottle is also very pretty, with the typical large flower top, which can be annoying when trying to fit it in a bag but it does look very pretty sat on the side. 

Benefit - They're Real Mascara Mini - £10

Benefit make amazing mascaras, that's nothing new. This one in particular has been raved about again and again but I had never tried it before this month. I was a massive fan of Roller Lash when that came out and can't believe I hadn't tried this one any earlier. I like how long it makes my lashes look, even though my lashes are terrible it makes them look the best they can be. One thing I would say though is because I have very small eyes it can rub off near my crease which can be annoying but as long as you notice it you can rub it off easily so it's not that bad. 

Lush - Don't Rain On My Parade Shower Gel - £5 (sale!)

I got this shower gel in the lush january sales and I'm pretty sure it was around £5 which is amazing for how much product you get! I couldn't believe I hadn't come across this shower gel before because it is now my favourite shower gel to use, I even like it more than snow fairy! The scent of this product is a lot different to many of Lush's over products and is definitely one that both women and men would enjoy. It's got hints of vanilla and violet (some say it smells like parma violets) but it's such a nice different smell, if you don't usually like some of lush products definitely check out this one because you may be surprised! Also the colour is a vibrant green/blue which looks amazing, you feel like you are going to come out of the bath like a smurf but you don't, luckily. 

There you go, there's my favourites! Hope you enjoyed this post and please check out my youtube channel as I will be posting many more beauty related videos soon! Thanks for reading and please, let me know what you think of these products! 

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